As long as I can remember, I have been singing. I sang before I talked. I’m told I kept time to music in my crib.

Like many vocal artists, I found a channel for my talent through my church choir. I sang my way from home, to church, and through school. I have always been interested in performing.

In elementary school I was introduced to drama. At that time, I discovered I had a real flair for theater arts and I wrote and directed my own play. I was so fascinated with what I had learned that I decided to continue my studies. At this very early age, I decided to pursue a career on stage with my music.

I extended my opportunities by studying acting for television and film at Stage One Theatre. I have continued my training with private vocal lessons. Bringing joy and happiness to the world through a professional career in music is my heart’s desire. I was born to Jeff and Tressie Hall in Palo Alto, California. My mother was a housewife and very supportive of my father, who served in the United States Navy. He received many awards of honor for his support and courage in the Korean War.

Part of a family of fifteen brothers and sisters (all living in California), I’m blessed in the midst of confusion I met my soul mate. Unfortunately, I lost my soul mate March 2007 he was age forty nine years old. I am, with my friends and family support, beginning to achieve my desire of a career in music. Over the last few years I have become a member of the Recording Academy of Arts and Science, and ASCAP as a Publisher who writes music ranging from ballads, R&B, electronic dance music and retro disco club style songs.

“My dream is coming true and I thank the world for their interest in my music “says Lyrikha.”




My business idea started with a goal and determination to succeed. My passion for the arts of music had me establish my own publishing company. I began writing at an early age in life. My passion turned into a craft to create something beautiful to share. As a single parent raising two children financing my business was difficult. I had the motivation and determination to succeed in a career in the music industry. Learning the basics of the industry working as an intern for a record label in California. This knowledge empowered me to reach my highest depths and endeavors. As time progressed, I started my own publishing company to advance my career. This I knew would be costly and the thought overwhelmed me tremendously. I put one foot in front of each other and began my journey. It was not easy I had many roadblocks along the way to divert me from my goal. My persistence rounded me to continue and not give up. Seven years later I established my own publishing company. Erica Leonard Publishing is an entertainment company providing original lyrics for musical compositions. Music collections range from ballads, pop, disco, r&b, adult contemporary, and electronic dance music. Servicing radio and television music available on all digital platforms.